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I was one of the very few people who actually kind of liked "Thor: Dark World". My main problems with it were the, now, infamous Marvel humor. I mean, especially having Thor and the main villain at end of the movie where they're fighting, act like clowns, was unforgiveable for me. Plus, all the other ridiculous scenes throughout the movie. My enjoyment factor was like a 6-7. When I found this edit, I was excited not only because of the humor removal, but also because of the plot changes/fine-tuning.

Quality and audio/visual editing was great! I didn't notice or "felt" that any scenes were tampered with in any way. So, no complains here, well done!

Narrative wise, always the most important part, it was a significant improvement over the theatrical one! I was really enjoying this film, up until the third act, were I realized the editor left all the ridiculous humor of the final fight intact. I seriously couldn't believe it..I mean, why? You did such a good job up until now. I was so frustrated that this was my only gripe, that I actually edited this myself. Obviously, I'm not as skilled, I used jump cuts, but I preferred it over having Thor sliding at the glass with the classic silly sound or taking the metro. I also edited out a scene at the restaurant with Darcy, Jane and her date, which did nothing for me plot wise or humor wise, and thus I got my ultimate version of the movie and took my enjoyment factor to a 9!

Be that as it may, I still recommend this edit to anyone who found the film mediocre and disliked the bad humor, but watch this knowing that the humor at the end is almost intact!

Thank you TM2YC and thanks to anyone who read my review!

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