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In my personal quest to find out the right fanedits to fully enjoyed the whole (most of it) MCU I happily encounter Thor - Dark World: Hard Forged Edition and it is absolutely a vast improvement over the theatrical version. I watched this film 5 years ago and I felt it as a missing opportunity - I got pretty bored with it. This edit brings cohesion to the MCU and subtly introduces the first of the infinity stones. Moreover, it helps to increase resonance to Thor's feelings in Endgame installment when the god of thunder returns to Asgard. So, this edit is worthy to be revisited and from now on my to-go version of this movie.

Here, the audio/video edition is seamless and the narrative is significantly improved just re-ordering the scenes. This is masterfully achieved by TM2YC. I would like to justify my lower score in the remaining fields. Audio/video quality is good but not superb in the MP4 (HD) format. It will be a nice upgrade if a better version is released. Especially, some scenes in Asgard suffer much from poor CGI which is more notorious in this edit compared for example to the Blu-ray version. In terms of audio, 2 channels are provided. Finally, my enjoyment was not higher due to the source material itself (nothing to do with the faneditor).

I really encourage to watch this edit and enjoy what TM2YC has achieved with imo a very poor source material.

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