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Oh... my... god...

Never has a film been so legitimately improved by a fanedit until now. This edit is beyond what I've come to expect from faneditors, legitimately going out on a limb to understand the intent of the filmmakers completely rather than going out on a limb to reject them misguidedly. THAT'S what makes this edit stand apart as THE GREATEST FANEDIT OF ALL TIME.

Alan Taylor has spoken of how his film was ruined in editing by Marvel, in favor of focussing on action rather than theme. The theme of this movie is now so clear to me: convergence. The convergence of people who are separated, as exemplified through the character arc of Thor and Jane. Their arcs start occurring on two different worlds, as we cut back and forth between them to emphasize that they are separate. But when the convergence happens, their character arcs unite into one, as they are re-united.

Before, this was made totally unclear by Marvel's ham-fisted editing. They were so eager to make sure the film put action first that they sacrificed this carefully mapped out thematic arc completely. Thus instead of opening with Loki, thus beginning Thor's half of that arc, they chose to open the film with an action prologue that had almost nothing to do with that theme at all out of context of where it actually was in the screenplay. Little mindless tweaking like that make it totally unclear what the meaning of the film was!

By re-ordering the film back to the order Alan Taylor actually intended it to be presented in, and with much longer sequences at each location before cutting to another one, we are more able to feel the contrast that Alan Taylor intended between Asgard and Earth both narratively and tonally. This contrast is part of what helps the theme! Even the different narratives are separated until they converge!

Ideologically profound subtext like this in a Thor film would have flown over my head forever if this editor did not completely restore Alan Taylor's vision. Not only is it entertaining at the very least, as it was in the original edit, but now the entertainment is deliberate towards some larger takeaway. This is by far the greatest fanedit of all time for that reason, and I highly suspect it will be for years to come.

Bravo, Take Me To Your Cinema.
~Silver Screen Samurai~

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