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Man oh man, TM2YC does it again! He took a mediocre MCU movie with some interesting elements and edited it in a way that makes full use of its potential.
The Thor movies are not the most celebrated in MCU, but I've always found him to be a nice change of pace espeically in the early years when everything was either Iron man or Captain America.
Overall, the editing was seamless, and it felt like an actual movie from MCU, albeit better. The quality of the version was excellent, pretty much blu-ray quality. I enjoyed the narrative much more, and I felt that it had a more mythological angle since, especially since we are experiencing the new details with Jane Foster, whose first trip to Asgard is made more interesting this way. Jane Foster, I feel, is redeemed in this way, and Thor is also made more interesting.
I enjoyed how he cut the prologue and seamlessly put it back as a flashback when Odin is retelling the story. Instead of having to hear about the dark elves again, now it makes sense to show it here, and we are finding it out about all for the first time along with Jane. Changing the subtitles of the Dark Elves was a great idea too, as it gives them some gravitas with how they speak. Show, don't tell is emphasized in this cut, which I appreciate. He makes the ending more complete and satisfying by using some of the post-credits scene. Finally, cutting out the romantic triangle with Saif was a good idea in the long run, especially with the event of Thor: Ragnorok.
Also, by making Loki's return at the end made subtle, I feel like his replacement of Odin is more effective in Thor Ragnorok, in my opinion.
Overall, highly recommend this cut from TM2YC, who makes a 6.5/10 MCU movie into a 8.5/10 movie that is more re-watchable and is on par with other good MCU movies.

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