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100% forgot to leave this review months ago, but this edit is fantastic. I always wanted to see what Alan Taylor had originally, like Louis Leterrier his cut was botched by the era of Perlmutter and the Creative Committee. I still hope Leterrier and Taylor can release their cuts one day (Granted, I'm the kind of cinephile that would love to see literally every movie have its full blown Assembly Cut released, even if it's awful, just for the research/historical element so I may be biased there. I don't support the Ayer Cut for example because I think it's somehow gonna be gold, I support the Ayer Cut because I love studying film editing and I think it'd be interesting), but until then I always felt Tomahawk's Hulk cut was a fine enough alternative there. But for Thor 2... there was nothing until this cut. This was the first time I think I've seen Thor 2 in a way that seems more like what Alan Taylor probably had.

In this form, this jumps Thor 2 from being my least favorite Thor film, to my second favorite behind Ragnarok. I actually prefer this version of the movie to Thor 1 and 4 (Both of which I put firmly in the "It's fine" category). In fact, here I can see the kind of Thor film I'd really like to see, one that really delves into the epicness of the character and a darker tone (Though, that may just be the Snyder boi in me talking). Granted, some things still don't work like Eccleston is never not gonna be a little wasted and the cinematography still has that Phase 2/3 "Everything is muddy grey concrete" look to it. But what worked works better, and a lot of what didn't is fixed.

Excellent job, and let's get a #ReleaseTheTaylorCut going.

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