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A much more complicated edit than Bobson's extended editions of MCU films, and he mostly pulls everything off. My thoughts on the film in general are here:
For this edit in particular, I have to bring up some of the feedback in other reviews...
I did not notice any audio issues, hard cuts, repeats, etc. Possibly they had a problem downloading the file?
The restructuring of the beginning makes perfect sense. Not only does it clear up the narrative here, but avoiding introducing Thor is a perfect thematic choice. This is a sequel, not a standalone film. The last film ended with Thor being cut off from Earth, and we should feel his absence. Here, we do.
The added scenes fleshing out Asgard through Jane are very welcome. Bobson does a great job getting around unfinished effects, and this both strengthens Jane's character, helps build the romance, and makes Asgard a more fully-realized world.
Not all the scenes are added though, and what IS added is sometimes only partially so, or with other bits cut. One questionable choice for me was in cutting Malekith's "Kill her!" order when confronting Frigga with Kurse. This made the scene play jarringly to me, as it seems that they're getting what they want and then a major character dies with no explanation. It veers into "fridging" and isn't fulfilling.

The alternate ending: (SPOILERS) - Bobson states that this makes the film match better in the MCU after the events of Ragnarok. It's certainly true that Ragnarok made it hard for Thor to fit with the other movies. The ending here is a much better explanation of why Thor and Jane aren't together than just Ragnarok's "we broke up" pithy joke. HOWEVER, it still doesn't really fit because Bobson cut out the throne room scene with "Odin". I think to truly patch up the plot holes, you need to include bits of both. Here, Bobson shows Thor coming back to Asgard and implies him taking over leadership there (presumably to be coronated shortly after). He says "Let's begin!" while looking over his faithful Asgardians. When next we see Thor, he's in Age of Ultron, where he's been helping the Avengers chase down Hydra. Whuh?? Or if you just skip ahead to Ragnarok, then we're back to Thor being gone a really long time and "Odin" building statues to Loki and making big changes while he was gone. How do we get from the "Let's begin!" ending to that?? I think the only way this works, is if you cut the two endings together so that Thor both turns down the throne to go protect Earth, but also has Jane say they can't be together. And that throne room conversation works a lot better if Loki has already changed into Odin, lending a lot more delicious subtext to the scene since Thor doesn't realize who he's talking with. Moving that to some kind of end credit stinger is unnecessary and takes away from this scene.

So all in all, I don't think the ending quite works as well as Bobson wants, but the rest of the film is definitely the best version yet. It also skirts a running issue with Bobson's releases, which is a lack of any subtitles when people aren't speaking English. Reworking those and hardcoding them is VERY appreciated! This ends up as a shelf-replacer for The Dark World, despite the ending not totally working. Thanks again for all the inspired work, Bobson!

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