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Wow. I did not expect the deleted and alternate scenes to add so much to the film. In addition to the many scenes mentioned by the other reviewers (alternate ending, Frigga's farewell, etc), I really appreciated the line about the relics appearing as stones except for the Aether - it helps establish the continuity in the Infinity Saga,
However, I was surprised to notice so many jarring transitions, both in audio and video. Partial list of timestamps: 00:41:46, 00:42:48, 1:01:11, 1:02:18, 1:06:00, 1:33:48, 1:51:44.
Another major issue for me was the first act - as several reviewers mentioned, the new sequence of scenes suffers from pacing and narrative flaws. While I appreciated how capturing Kursed was integrated into the end of the battle on Vanaheim, and see sense in establishing the Convergence as the precursor to Selvig's behavior and the awakening of the Dark Elves, the discovery of the Aether functions a lot better as the inciting incident that sets the plot in motion. I strongly recommend reconstructing the first act - either as Nic suggested or as TM2YC's Hard Forged cut (i.e., a minor sacrifice in pacing with the capture of Kursed).
All in all - the opportunity to watch all of these deleted and alternate scenes in itself is a sufficient reason to watch this edit. But to paraphrase Pedro Pascal in WW1984: This edit is wonderful, but it can be even better.

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