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Judging from all the other reviews below, I must be the odd critic out, because I love Thor: Ragnarok! It's my favorite of the three Thor movies (Although I'm curious to see how Love and Thunder will do when it arrives in theaters), and it's the one that, in my mind, pulled off the silliness of Marvel the best. While I don't think it's a perfect film (No Marvel film is, except for Avengers: Infinity War), I still like it a lot and have a lot of affection for it. Between this version and DigMod's, I can happily say that DigMod's is a nice improvement!

I appreciate that this edit isn't attempting to reinvent the wheel. It's a difference of only 13 minutes, and this film didn't need a major improvement as far as I'm concerned. The only two things that separated this edit from the original were that it was shorter, and that it was slightly more serious this time around. I approve of both changes. Clocking in at 117 minutes, the length of this edit is perfect! Not too long, not too short. And the slightly darker tone helped make a lot of the more emotional moments even more effective. The scene where Hulk sees Black Widow's message on the plane, for example, hit harder for me than it did in the theatrical version despite being mostly uncut. I'm also impressed with how invisible almost all of the changes are! The only one I noticed was when Thor threw the ball and the shattered glass sound effect sounded off from the rest of the movie for some reason. Other than that, I didn't notice any of the other changes, and considering how hard that can be sometimes, I have to say, "Bravo, DigMod!"

All in all, this version of Thor: Ragnarok is as close to perfect as it gets, and could very well be my go-to version from here on out! Highly recommended for both Marvel fans and non-Marvel fans!

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