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Ok, what just happened? This is isn't editing, this is flat out magic!! Why do I say this? Thor Ragnarok was my most HATED movie from all the MCU! I'm not even joking. I almost stopped watching Marvel films after this one. Not only the changed the comic a lot, they also made Ragnarok a damn circus!!! Slapstick, braindead jokes and idiotic dialogue at the end of the world!? If one movie needed to be serious and dark in Thor's trilogy, it was this one. So, as you can problably tell, I never in a million years would have thought this movie can be saved. I just couldn't see it. Enter DigiModiFicaTion!

Audio and visual editing, as always, was excellent! I didn't notice or "felt" that something was tampered with, at any scene. So, once again, job well done here!

On the narrative side of things, it is amazing that the editor actually saw that there is a good film that can be salvaged under all the juvenile nonsense! And not only that, now that I could watch the movie at peace and actually enjoy it, I remembered that it is very important one, plot wise, for the MCU. Thor loses his hammer (and eye), Odin dies, we learn the whereabouts of Hulk and how he comes back, Asgard is destroyed and of course the ending, where the ship with all the Asgardians meet Thanos. So you can imagine my overwhelming joy when I realized, as the movie went on, that I liked it!! Not to get greedy, but I will agree with some reviews, that a bit more trimming could be done. Ok, I understand some bad jokes need to be kept for plot reasons, like the one at the beginning with Skurge and the human guns (Des+troy), if you cut this you have a big problem with the character's resolution at the end. But others, like Thor's constant electrocution, could be trimmed I think. Again though, I can live with that! Having 5 bad jokes out the 50, that where before, is an achievement!

So, this version is recommended to everyone! Unless you liked the sillines of the original, obviously. Otherwise, this is will be your go-to version of the movie!! Not that we had a choice before this, personally I just skipped it entirely in my MCU marathons.

Thank you very much DigiModiFicaTion and thanks to anyone who read my review!

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