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So, this being my first review, it is only fitting that I started with the film which introduced me to fan-edited films. You see, Thor Ragnarok sums up all the problems I have with the MCU since the end of Phase One; too much lightheartedness, bathos and overuse of mood-killing jokes. Add to all that Waititi's cartoonish approach towards Thor and The Hulk/Bruce Banner and you get why Thor Ragnarok is my most hated film of the whole bunch, especially when it's supposed to deal with the Twilight of the Gods.

When I heard about DigModification’s Trimmed Edition, I was intrigued. Was it possible for a fan-editor to salvage this film? The answer is, pretty much yes. From the get-go, the film seems much better as Thor is no more constantly interrupting Surtur’s speech when he’s spinning around his chains and the so overused joke with the mistimed arrival of Mjolnir is also gone. DigModification’s cuts and edits are seamless and you wouldn’t know that something is missing even if you know what you’re looking for. It was only just this scene during Thor’s escape from his quarters where I could tell that the glass shattering sound was a little “off”, but other than that it’s all top-notch. Actually, there are some ingenious cuts here and there, like Doctor Strange’s complete removal in a very clever way and the edited Stan Lee cameo, without having Thor screaming like a little girl.

So, did really DigModification save Thor Ragnarok? Unfortunately not for me, but that is not by any means the editor’s fault. The film is pretty much unsalvageable. There is no way for any editor to turn this rambling Bruce Banner into the troubled soul we knew from the first Avenger film. There is no way you can turn Korg into the gladiator from the Planet Hulk event (unless you dub over Waititi’s voice, that is). And there is no way you can give Loki back some of his godly dignity when objects are hurled onto his head. That is the reason why, while I mostly enjoyed the first and third act (especially the third act), the second act felt underwhelming. That’s because there is too much nonsense there, impossible to cut without compromising the whole narrative.

Again, that is by no means DigModification’s fault. In fact, thanks to his hard efforts, I can now comfortably watch a previously insufferable film every time I get into a MCU marathon. It’s definitely a must-watch for anyone who felt betrayed by Waititi’s directorial style.

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