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I really enjoyed this trimmed down version and the editing was excellent. The original suffered from sophomoric humor and, at times, brought me out of the typical Marvel movie. That being said I did enjoy the original but hoped for something better. This fan-edit is what I was seeking. It is still funny mind you. There is no helping that. The actor playing Thor has really honed his skills in the humor department but as I watched this with my son he struggled with the cuts. So now I believe this is generational. What I thought was inane was downright hilarious to a teen.

The choices the faneditor made were excellent and his editing skills were flawless(Devils Anus- really?). So my son will not allow me to replace this as our go-to but the Trimmed Edition deserves to be MY go-to. So everyone who enjoyed the original should give this a chance, it is still funny and it still will make you feel like a kid again.

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