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I don't consider myself a fan of extended versions of films, as I am a firm believer in the phrase, "less is more," but I have a very soft spot for Bobson Dugnutt's extended editions, especially the Star Wars Darkighter Cut, which shed some new light on Episode IV in a very satisfying way. I don't think Thor: Ragnarok is my favorite edit from Bobson, but I still like it, and most of what's been added back in worked for me.

The only change I didn't like was the alternate Odin death scene, as I think the original version in Norway was far more emotionally resonant, and gave the film a little more seriousness that was needed.

Otherwise, the remaining additions get a thumbs up! I may have to pick up the Sakaaran edition to see how it compares to this cut, but I liked the Dr. Strange scenes that have been brought in to this edit, even if they do give off the joke-y Marvel feel that's often criticized. I like how these extras with Strange foreshadowed the climax, and setup Thor's very grim future in the MCU (You'll understand if you've already seen Infinity War and Endgame). I liked the extra background on the Grandmaster. The conversation between Thor and Bruce on Dumbo gives a nice little character moment. And I appreciated seeing some more scenes in the IMAX aspect ratio, which my standard blu-ray wasn't kind enough to give me.

All in all, I liked this take on Thor's third outing in the MCU, and I recommend it to anyone who considers themselves a Marvel fan.

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