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From a technical standpoint, THOR ODINSON? looks and sounds great, but more impressively to me, the changes to the narrative flow work wonders in making the rather straight-forward original film (which I liked but didn't love) into something far more engaging. Putting the audience in the dark as much as the POV characters of Jane and crew adds a sense of immediacy that the original film lacked, and not bombarding the audience with the fantastical quite so early does a great job of reattaching the film to the greater MCU from the get-go, making it feel more like a naturaly outgrowth from the previous MCU films. A few constructive suggestions, should further revisions be made down the line.
1) I'd recommend a musical sting or mysterious beat to the brief shot of Heimdall spying on Earth prior to Asgard's first appearance, to give it a bit more heft.
2) The brief cutaway to Jane reading, used to help cover the transition to the Thor/Selvig reinstated drinking scene, is a bit too brief, to the point it almost feels like a miscut. Unless there is other footage to pad it out a tad, I'm not sure if there's a readily available solution.
3) The abrupt appearance of Lady Sif and the Warriors Three is a great way to bring the fantastical into the otherwise mundane tale we've seen so far -- very smart choice on your part-- but given it's newfound import, I'd suggest including a few more bits of the town's reaction to them (without spoiling actually seeing them) prior to their appearance at the window (the SHIELD agents, the child gawking, etc). A musical sting of some sort when we see them at the window would also help to make it seem like the big reveal it is now.
4)The first transition into the Asgard scenes cold use a bit more massaging, just to seem a bit more of a natural segue in the story. Maybe an dreamlike overlay of moments/shots of Odin with lines from the rest of the film overlapped in a storm-like cacaphony, with an emphasis on lines using "Odin" or "father" as the memories begin to resonate in Thor's mind?

My thanks to Malthus for all his hard work and for sharing it with us.

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