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Having watched Thor: Odinson?'s preview, I must say I was impressed.
Let me say this before: I only watched Thor once in my life, wasn't fond of it and never watched it again. I generally do not like MCU movies and did not remember most of the original going on.
I have to say, I rather enjoyed the movie this time around. The first time, I remember finding myself rather unvaried throughout. The restructuring really brings out the strengths of the movie. Thor isn't the only character to benefit, but Loki's dark side is shown later and this adds further depth to his persona.
One very small narrative hiccup I had while watching was the fact that it was Odin's voice narrating the Frost Giants' backstory. It feels a bit strange since at this point in the movie you have no idea whose that voice is, but once the flashback was over, I put the narration in context as Odin narrating the story to his children and this made it work, to my surprise. Besides, you couldn't do much with this anyways since you have no other footage and the backstory is necessary to understand the rest of the movie.
On a technical level, I noticed no hard cuts, which is a big point for the edit.
Overall, I'm still not too fond of the movie, but if I decide to revisit the movie again, I will watch your version as it most definitely adds some mystery and fun to the third act, as well as developing the characters in a much more enticing way.
Well done!

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