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Malthus' stated goal in creating this edit was to craft a narrative worthy of the character of Thor, and in that regard, they handily succeeded. By restructuring the film, they have greatly improved the pacing, as well as the narrative tension. Now instead of it being the story of a god being punished to learn humility, it has become the story of a man thinking himself a god, a god thinking himself a king, before becoming one worthy of both. In addition, as the personal stakes for Thor increased, so did the external threats accordingly from mere humans to the Destroyer. As previous reviewers have said, it almost seems that this story was meant to be told through this narrative chronology, even following script story structure with the first evidence of Thor being who he says he is and transitioning into the second act hitting right around the 30 minute mark with the glimpse of Heimdall. The only possible snag was the Anthony Hopkins narration telling the history of Asgard and the Frost Giants slowed things down slightly, but it wasn't enough to detract from the overall narrative or my overall enjoyment of the film. The addition of the deleted scenes was seamless and added further character development.

I highly enjoyed this edit of Thor and would recommend you check it out. It is probably my preferred version of the theatrical release, and I am excited to see what Malthus has done with the rest of the Thor Saga.

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