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I really wanted to love this edit. Let me just say that up front. Also, there were no flaws on the editing side that I really saw, audio or visual either one. The issue for me was that the narrative restructuring didn't quite work. The flashback was too long to work as a flashback and it was awkwardly placed. Maybe breaking up the flashback into a few parts (not exactly sure how that would work, but just an idea, trying to be constructive). The worst thing of all for me was that the added scenes were really good, and I think they added a lot by themselves (especially the coffee mug return, which I think helps sell the character growth) and I would love a simple extended edition including those into the normal narrative.

All in all though, I do recommend the edit. The extended scenes are great and it is interesting to see from a new perspective, even if it did not quite work out the way I would have hoped.

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