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Glad to finally get around to seeing this after having seen all the praise. Spoiler alert; it's as good as they're saying.

First things first; my ratings are based on criteria specific to me. Can I see it? 10/10. If I don't notice any audio or video edits, 10/10. If the narrative works, 10/10. This film succeeds on all those fronts, so my enjoyment watching the film (NOT how I feel about the source material) is 10/10.

Something tells me that Thor was originally intended to be told in this timeline, rather than what we saw in the theatrical cut. Here, even though I know Thor is in fact a legitimate Asgardian (you'd need to be living under a rock to not know this), the pacing and attempt at keeping mystery makes me care about him a little more than I would have otherwise. I was more captivated here than in Thor 2 (my favorite Thor).
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