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I really love this edit.

First of all, the editing itself (visual and audio) seemed flawless to me. I didn't notice any jarring cuts from a technical perspective and I find this way of telling the story to be immensely superior to the theatrical cut and has a more traditional rising action in this non-linear format.

I think the narrative makes a surprising amount of sense this way and almost feels like "the original way" the story was meant to flow. I think my only criticism of the narrative is the cut from present day to learning about asgard felt a bit off without a really strong flow and/or connection between the two scenes (Thor's friends coming back and Odin narrating the history of the Frost giants). I think the narration of the frost giants could potentially be placed at the beginning, but that may lose some of the genius of this edit of holding back on the fantastical and allowing us to see Thor purely through Jane's eyes. I think the cut from present day to the past could also cut directly to Odin's speech since Odin referenced as alive is the primary driving force of the cut. Those are purely subjective though and even though I think those ideas could work, they risk a lot of the brilliance of the edit.

I can't say enough about how much better the present day stuff works with this presentation order. It really makes Jane the conduit for the viewer to experience Thor through and it makes them coming to the realization that he is the real deal a shared realization between them and the viewer. great stuff.

Also, almost all of the re-instated scenes really help flesh the world out and I think they are placed at the right moments.

Thanks for this edit, I'm definitely going to put together my personal take on the MCU some day and this edit will likely be part of it :) If you enjoy Thor, you should check this version out.

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