This Shit Isn't FUNNY

This Shit Isn't FUNNY
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Brief Synopsis:
Funny Games is an interesting movie and sometimes really good. But at times it just drags man, and it starts of slow, too slow. So what I tried to do was make this movie more entertaining (you shouldn’t forget the importance of entertainment).
With this fanedit I tried to shorten the length of not-so-great things (parts that tend to drag) like right after the killers have left, when the boy escapes, the opening scene etc.

I want the viewer to be hooked from the second the movie starts and to accomplice this I had to restructure the movie so it's no longer in chronological order. I’m hoping this will make the movie feel “more fresh” and better/more awesome/entertaining (plus a lot of other bullshit I should type in order to market this sucker).
Special Thanks:
Captain Khajiit
Release Information:
Special Features
Interactive Menus
Scene Selection
Editing Details:
New structure to the story (it’s now told out of chronological order).
Faster paced (with some scenes being cut entirely, ex. the remote control scene).
Cuts and Additions:
A little chopping here and there, worth mentioning is:
-Listening to classic music
-People in boat
-Inside Fred’s house
-Hiding from car
-Arriving at “the other side”

Super long aftermath sequence have been trimmed down

and some other shit...
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