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Blueyoda gives us Escape from the Shining Alien Thing from Beyond the Stars. A mostly very creatively and cleverly mash up with the main focal point being John Carpenter's the Thing.

Now as I write this its still not up on the fanedit's ifdb page yet (and if you see this, now its here). It feels like a main feature film, but I believe BY wanted it more like a tv presentation. The hard part here is not to spoil or give away any of the multitude of Easter egg surprises this edit holds (he did use upwards of like 30 various sources of pop culture media and references)

With that being said, I can say I absolutely loved this edit. it was a very humorous, sometimes serious and wonderful parody of many films while still keeping a coherent story. It pulled this off quite well.

The video and audio quality were quite fine with everything being properly leveled (playing out of a 2.0 stereo system).

I did have one minor gripe which I spoke to Blueyoda about and this is going to be my only spoiler. At one point during the film it cuts away to commercials like a tv movie would. However the (actual) vintage tv commercials are all presented in a 4:3 pillar boxed ratio while the main film was closer to 2:35:1. The commercial segment went on for about 6 mins before going back into the film. It had only one segment like this and I had felt this film would work much better without that break away. When this segment appeared it took me right out of the film. That being said, the actual commercials were nice to see

if you like Carpenter's The Thing and want to have a fun entertaining time, do yourself the courtesy and check out this edit
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