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(Updated: September 03, 2021)
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I watched an upgraded version of this edit but the narrative remained the same.

Some time ago I was reading a post on some blog about horror fanedits. An edit by Maniac was among those mentioned. I think it may have been his edits of the Saw franchise. I visited his site and saved it to peruse at a future time. I noticed Maniac mentioned here sometime later. Several of his edits we’re listed. Among them was his edit of Scarface. Another was his edit of Apocalypse Now. These are my two favorite movies. I was very sceptical, even though I knew there was much that could be trimmed from either of those two movies.

I will say that if one must edit this amazing movie, Maniac did an almost perfect job. I would likely share his edit with someone viewing Scarface for the first time or who may not have cared for the original. Believe it or not some people haven’t seen it.

Gone is much unnecessary drag. The movie races by at a very quick pace and has a more Goodfellas type punch while retaining a Godfather vibe and Miami Vice atmosphere.

Specifically, I like that he trimmed the entire beginning. That changed the tone instantly. You are face to face with Tony Montana within a minute. I also like that he cut out most of the silly dance with Frank and Omar comparing the size of their appendages. The scenes of him upgrading his taste in clothes are also gone. Some of the bloated club scenes are gone, as well. We get straight to the famous end in all of it’s bloody glory much quicker, as well.

Although, the movie was meant to romanticize a small time hood’s rise to riches and swan dive into infamy, Maniac has successfully made the movie into a downright vicious gangster drama/horror flick that can be enjoyed in a single watch. As a diehard fan of the original movie for over thirty years, I give Maniac’s edit two very enthusiastic thumbs up!

Well done!

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