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Audio/Video Quality: 8/10

It's certainly not pristine full HD but it's the best I've seen this looking.

Visual Editing: 10/10

It was invisible, simple as that.

Audio Editing: 10/10

Not a note out of place.

Narrative: 8/10

The reordered stuff was great but the ending didn't quite work for me tonaly. It's a long while since I read the book but I remember it being very celebratory because being a mouse and going on mouse-adventures sounded great. The new ending to this edit doesn't quite pull that off, with a shot of the grandmother crying herself to sleep at the thought of Luke's impending death.

The book ending could easily have worked and should have been used but since it isn't... I prefer the original "happy" ending by a very slight margin. However, I like the removal of the daft "good Witch" thing that is part of that original ending. Jane Horrocks is one of Britain's best actors, so all the scenes of her obviously playing full-on-evil, never sat well with the "tacked on" version of her character at the end.

Enjoyment: 9/10

I loved watching this once again, it was a firm favourite VHS for me and my brother at the time. Ahhhhh 1990, the last time films were made like this, with magical practical effects, horrifying make up and astounding puppetry. Sadly, this would all be done with fake-looking CGI now, as it's quicker, cheaper and takes less effort. I also doubt that a Director would be allowed to make a film as scary or directorially interesting for kids today.

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