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I found this to be a really good use of the Tatooine outtakes as well as using the footage from the TROOPS Fan Film (one of my favorites). The Grindhouse editing made for a very good homogenous look through out the film.

I also very much enjoyed the additional James Earl Jones audio from other movies for Darth Vader. It was a very good fit to the action on the screen and not superfluous in the slightest.

The only two issues I had with the edit was that the subtitles for R2D2 were very inconsistent though out the movie. It was one of the best comedic elements of the film and was sorely missed when it didn't happen for much of the middle of the film. The other issue is there were many missing sound effects in the film. This made some scenes such as the falcon being tractor beamed into the death star fall flat.

The cuts that were made from the original movie were well selected and didn't harm the narrative in anyway. The addition of gore to the film was very entertaining over all. I printed this one to disc and it is on my shelf!

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