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January 12, 2010 @ 8:51 am

This edit to my US mind completely has a European (mainly Italian) film feel to it. Let me delve into this a bit more and explain:

Picture if they brought over some old space movie from Italy (with the usual Italian exploitation rip off of some other major film) or some other European country that did not have a lot of money to produce it. Next, the US distributor decides to add in some minor headache inducing stock Library music (I like Library music, but not the type I found here) for certain parts of the film. Though it has that vibe, you can clearly tell it is too clean sounding to be originally on the film’s soundtrack and added in later. Make sure the film still looks pretty crappy (a plus) and this sums up my mood when watching this feature

I enjoyed this edit (though on a different level than Jaws) and I like it as a companion piece to TMBTM’s technically fan edit masterpiece of Jaws the Sharkspolitation edit. I can tell you now that this Star Wars grindhouse edition will cater more to fans of this sort of genre and not so much the broader audience appeal that his Jaws edition had.

I loved the use of Troops and other short features and deleted scenes that appear throughout the feature. The advanced cgi blood and Vader’s glowing red eyes were a nice touch and easily fit the pattern of the edit. I really enjoyed Vader’s psychotic ramblings (used from other films), and I also got a kick out of some of the re-worked and arrangement of scenes (which I will not spoil).

“Did you miss what he removed?”

“No, not at all.”

I like Star Wars (well really the first three produced films), but I do not consider it a holy grail like many do. What many might consider as some sacrilege offense to the integrity of the movie, worked fine for me. More importantly it worked for the type of edit this was presented as.

The use of the 16mm version is what visually really brought that true grindhouse feel to it and I am glad this move was chosen.

We have some nice menus and I loved the bonus material, especially the “laisse Tomber, Les filles” made to fit Princess Leia’s guest shot on Saturday Night Live music video.

In summing it up, I hated some of the stock library music used as it just gave me a headache and fortunately kind of disappeared right before Vader blasts through the rebel ship doors in the beginning. This music should have had some roughness added to it; more so to fit the source material we are being shown. Instead it sticks out like a sore thumb. To be honest if that music persisted throughout the whole feature I would not have been able to watch it.

Not as great as the previous mentioned Jaws, but still good nonetheless

This gets an 8.5 from me. The too clean music brought this score down from a 9
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