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February 2, 2010 @ 8:18 pm

I admit that at its release 1 month ago, I didnt have much nagging interest in watching this edit. But the greatness of Jaws Shraksploitation kept gnawing at my brain. With the Jan FEOTM awards poll running I figured I owe it to The Man to give this a go to see if he earns another vote from me. (He does)

The opening DVD intro made me smile because I remembered what type of film I was about to watch and it really set the mood. By the time we got to the (now) bloody battle on the blockade runner I was sold – This was going to be great!

Enter Vader “1…2…3…” I almost pissed myself – all the new JEJ lines worked great, so great that I wanted more. I didnt mind the scenes switching in tone when Vaders lines jumped from original, to jive, back to original – as the whole tone of the film was a lighter, low budget action ride now in the tradition of 70′s grindhouse/exploitation films.

Most of the additions (especially the 16mm source) worked for the better IMO creating an authentic GH feel more so than JAWS (IMO) which felt like a good transfer w/ a grain filter on it) TWotS LOOKS like a real film source that has been played for decades. Kudos sir. If DVD’s could deteriorate with each viewing then this one surely would fall apart after the multiple viewings it will receive from me.

notable standout scenes for me: !!!SPOILERS!!!

The blockade runner shootout blood/decapitation
vader interrogating leia
the entire cantina sequence
the disco soundtrack during death star escape
luke/leia chasm shootout/swing
vader kills kenobi FX test
the disco soundtrack during the 1st trench run
tarkin looking at vader like wtf? when he says “now they will know why they fear the night”
luke being controlled in trench

Entertainment – original: 10/10 – grindhoused: 10/10 – this was a pleasure to watch and was very funny and well thoughtout/assembled.

A/V Editing – 10/10 – there were “errors” but I gather they were intentional and really added to the atmosphere of a GH film. the new soundtrack pushed the limits and was simultaneously cool and funny.

DVD features – 10/10 – 2 great funny videos and a nice SFX before/after elevate this disc above the usual bare bones releases.

Final Score – 10/10 – excellent.

The Empire Wants More…. So do I
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