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Unlike most fanedits with the intention of making a film better, War of the Stars provides a unique perspective on an old favorite by providing an alternate take. Leaning heavily on the late 70's aesthetic of exploitation films, War of the Stars changes A New Hope into a whole new film. Lots of surprises awaits, it's a messier, weirder picture, leaning into deleted scenes as alternate takes to the originals, the deleted scenes go al long way to make this film feel different. Yet there's a lot more gags, like James Earl Jones' lines, changing tone via inspired music choices (the chase in the death star is entirely hilarious), and added effects. Not only that, there's narrative choices. Not every scene will feel new, but most will. It suffers when it's mostly a new aesthetic on a scene that's familiar, thankfully they're few and far between before the next gag.

This is ultimately a wonderful embodiment of why people watch fanedits, to experience a familiar film in a whole new way.

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