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Shorts January 18, 2009 2058
(Updated: September 26, 2012)
January 18, 2009

Complete trash to me (not the editing work of horrorgrind, but the source movie). I can only assume that this kind of movie is supposed to be funny, because it is so bad, but I am the wrong audience for that. We have a ridiculous outbreak at a facility and then we jump to a couple and the girl wants a light from a guy on a bench, who is a zombie and attacks her, other zombies appear, they rip her apart, her boyfriend is just watching and surprised by zombies attacking him from the back (well, actually one of the zombies is attacking the zombie that attacked the boyfriend – doesn’t look like he was supposed to though). Sorry, but that felt like a waste of time for me and the girlfiriend/boyfriend part seemed to just make it longer but did not have too much of a connection. (1 star)
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