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(Updated: March 10, 2023)
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Quality is SD and it isn't great to look at, but it works well enough. Audio sounds good except for some of the Twilight Zone elements, which sound of a lower bitrate.

The DVD comes with three versions and I watched Tranzor's extended version which apparently fixes some plot holes found in the original. Save some iconic moments, I recall finding the original film quite dull; so I feel like it says a lot that the narrative can function so well in this shortened form and yet still feel pacey. There were no holes that I detected, though our protagonist's bond with his "mate" doesn't get established that well. This could easily be rectified though, since we spend the first 15 minutes just watching Charlton Heston run away from apes and get captured twice over. Plenty of room for further trims, especially as the extended cut is about 10 minutes over the runtime of a Twilight Zone episode.

In terms of the concept itself, The Twilight Zone framing works very nicely. Rod Serling's narration is well chosen and it's fun to have the intro and credits. That being said, some of the font doesn't seem quite right to me and I was disappointed for lack of a proper episode break.

In terms of editing the 4:3 aspect ratio works well most of the time; visual fade outs feel a bit quick but still sell the TV vibe. There are a handful of abrupt audio edits (one near the start and several towards the end), but the majority of the episode flows very well.

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