Thing and Christine (A Double Feature Fanedit), The

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The third DF of John Carpenter films.
To create a faster story in both films. All the wordy scenes are cut to put the whole story in 74 minutes.
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Cuts and Additions:
The Thing:
- Credits are cut, the openings logo John Carpenter's "The Thing" is much sooner
- I trimmed the chase with the chopper and the dog
- MacReady playing a game is cut, also some pursuits of the group
- After the Norwegian is shot i cut the scenes after that like the burning chopper
- I cut out a scene of Bennings and Doc Copper
- The Trip to the Norwegian camp is trimmed
- After they found the burned body the trip back is cut
- I cut out some pursuits of the group
- When Blair examines The Thing there are a few trims after that
- The Trip to the flying saucer is cut
- When Bennings is burned i cut some dialogue
- Taking Blair to the cabin after he goes nuts is cut
- Discussing who is taken the blood is trimmed, Windows going nuts is cut
- Fuchs examine the papers of Blair is trimmed
- When Norris gets a heart attack i trimmed one scene with the defibrillator
- When MacReady does the blood serum test there are some trims in that whole scene
- Blowing up the camp is trimmed
- Childs and MacReady at the end is cut

- Credits are cut, other credits with a audio recut of Bad to the Bone of GEORGE THOROGOOD (Trimmed)
- Arnie and Dennis driving to school is cut
- The scene with Repperton and Arnie is trimmed
- Buying Christine from Lebay is trimmed
- Arnie discussing the car with his parents some of the dialogue is cut
- Taking the car to Darnell some of the dialogue of Darnell is cut
- Driving back home is cut
- Dennis discussing Christine with Arnie's Mother is trimmed
- Dennis checking up on Christine is cut
- The introduction of Leigh Cabot is later in this edit, first scene in school library with Dennis
- Fixing up Christine is trimmed
- Playing Football is trimmed
- Arnie visits Dennis at the hospital is trimmed
- Outdoor cinema scene with Arnie and Leigh is trimmed
- Arnie and Leigh visiting Darnell's garage after destroying Christine by Repperton and his gang is trimmed
- Some trims with Arnie and his parents after that
- Revenge of Christine on that fat fuck Moochie is a little trimmed
- Second visit of Arnie to the hospital is cut (Dennis)
- Cuts in Dialogue between Junkins and Arnie
- Phone conversation with Arnie and Leigh is cut
- Some cuts in dialogue between Arnie and Dennis in Christine on new years eve
- The Battle between Christine and the Bulldozer is a little trimmed
- Ending with Junkins, Leigh and Dennis is cut

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Maniac delivers two new dimensions of John Carpenter's vision.
A remarkable music opening for Christine. "Bad To The Bone" is a perfect music editing.
Shortened version to my knowledge with a roaring end. "BANG". LOL Really great !
Many additional music tracks.
With The Thing delivers Maniac, again, a masterpiece of editing.
Perfect editing, I can't find any errors.
No time bored during both versions. Fast editing keeps the movies going.
Both are recommended.

Great job, Maniac !

A/V: 10

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