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If your a fan of 'The Thick Of It' then you'll love TM2YC Extended Edit 'The Full Disclosure'
This is my first ever review so i'll keep it brief. To be honest it's quite a simple review really, if you have seen the series (and the specials) then i can assure you that both the narrative and the enjoyment are as per the source material, Fantastic.... No big changes just more of it.
The deleted material that is added is seem less and of equal quality to the main feature, as TM2YC says in his Fanedit Information regarding the deleted material "They were clearly originally removed to meet a strict 60 minute broadcast time and not because they were less funny".

I do urge anybody who is a little unsure if political satire is your cup of tea give this a try, if your British there's a good chance you'll love it and if your not there's a even better chance that it will rubber stamp all the stereotypes you imagine British politics to contain....... But most of all its dead funny. I look forward to Part 2.

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