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Rather than watching Superman III and Superman IV (and parts of II) separately I figured watching Avid4D's edit would make more sense. He does a good job of taking the best parts of Superman II, Superman III, and Superman IV and combining them into a complex narrative with stakes. At times is definitely felt like two movies pasted together but overall I'm still very thankful that this edit exists. Having not seen the original movies I may did not notice as much as the cleverness as other reviewers did. I thought the buildup to the nuclear weapons disarmament program made quite a bit of sense to me and thoroughly justified the reasons why Superman took it upon himself to relieve the world of nuclear weapons. I liked the handling of Richard Pryor's character who reminded me a lot of Jamie Foxx's character from the Amazing Spiderman 2. I liked the drunk Superman scenes but the transition to those scenes made little to no sense to me. Why was Superman on a bender at all? Also this scenes of evil Superman felt kind of out of place and I was also unaware of why Superman was suddenly evil. In comparison to the first edit I felt like the transitions overall don't work quite as good but in general I am okay with trading inadequately explained transitions for a quicker pace. Having two villains made the stakes a little bit higher than if Superman was dealing alone with either Lex Luthor/Nuclear Man or Mr. Warfield. The nuclear man scenes were cheesy at times but that is more a fault of the source material and these scenes didn't really feel too drawn out.

The dispowerment scenes felt really out of place and seems like one of the bigger plot holes in the narrative. While Superman Lois got to the diner almost immediately his journey back took much longer, even though he would've had the same level of powers each way. Again for the sake of better pace I'm ok with less exposition, but it would have been nice to understand more of Superman's character motivations throughout (except for the nuclear disarmament scenes which I thought were well put together).

Overall this is still a great edit and is a great way to relive these superman classics.

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