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This is a very inspired bit of editing here and there are plenty of strong points to list, first off, I love the use of news footage to convey the severity of the Nuclear arms issue and adding in representing footage of the failed conference was a very good touch. The introduction of Gus and the opening exchanges between Webster and his women were very well handled and provide a much stronger introduction to everyone.

By far my favourite part of the edit was the transistion from Clark at the farm to the flashback footage from Superman Returns, it's such a great little set-up for the third entry in your saga which will make use of SR footage and it was a brilliant transistion both back in and back out again. Expertly handled. Clark gets depowered and learns of Nuclear Man's attack with custom voice-over? It's a trick that's been done before in other Supes edits but it's never an unwelcome sight to see some flexible ingenuity to make the movie serve your purposes.

I was very much hoping you'd avoid the memory kiss ending and give Clark and Lois have more of a bitter parting to set up your next film, I do hate that gosh darn memory kiss and I feel that scene works just as well without it. Just my personal gripes as a writer and an editor though, it works perfectly fine, and I love how you used Clark speeding away right after commiting the deed.

If there are negatives to yap about, I suppose it comes down to some weird narrative choices. I feel the evil Superman thing wasnt needed. At all. It felt like there was too much going on and if Spider-Man 3 is now being used to teach narration classes than I certaingly don't want to graduate. Too many things were going on and the movie became less "grounded", all of a sudden the more outlandish traits of Superman III began to properly intrude on what had been a pretty good representation of II and IV. There were also a lot of ackward cuts in some exchanges, particulary when Gus and Webster meet and when Clark shows up out of nowhere after Perry and the group talk about Webster and company.

I feel if you had gone down the simpler route of making it a hybrid of II's depowering and IV's disarmanent plot, you would have a much tighter, stricter movie, as it stands, trying to add so much of the movies in one sitting left me kind of exhausted and, with me being far too overfamiliar with these films now, it's left me feeling less surprised, and I think there are still ways one can do that with these old Superman classics

Overall, it's still a fun romp, it just needs to rein itself in a bit

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