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'"Yib Nub" echoes in my mind.'

This is not an easy thing to pull off. Take a classic - arguably untouchable - (in mono) and rescore it with Star Wars, change character names and subtitles, make it family friendly, maintain the narrative, make it feel new and yet familiar.... The editor succeeds in all these things, resulting in what is hands down one of my favourite fanedits to date.

Aside: The funny thing about fanedits is you forget they're not normal. I had two very confused people walk in during my viewing and they just couldn't understand why they were hearing Star Wars music and seeing an old, black and white, Japanese film. One even asked: "what episode is this?"

Video - Exellent quality. No noticeable transitions.

Audio - Very well done. I'm often very suspicious of rescoring since it's so easy to get wrong. The levels need to be just right otherwise it can be incredibly distracting. Ssj did an absolutely wonderful job. The choices of score were perfect 99% of the time (the 1% being a subjective quibble not worth mentioning), and the levels were just right for me, blending perfectly with the film. There were a couple of points where the film audio dropped out leaving just music, but it was a rare occurrence and by no means jarring. Naturally, working with mono means some compromise is inevitable.


Dare I say it? An improvement. It's been a while since I've seen the original, but it felt like it flowed so much better. Sure, the scoring probably helped, but I know SSJ also did some trimming and I certainly didn't miss anything. Making the flick family friendly is also a nice bonus.

Of course, the added Star Warsian element is masterfully done. Clever name changes, loads of subtle lines that felt natural and yet also sang with referential nerdiness, and excellent music choice to not only stir the soul with a sense of nostalgia, but enable one to connect with the characters and events all the more.

Favourite moments (spoilers):

- Binary sunset during the Princess' mourning was perfect.
- Loved Duel of the Fates during the spear battle
- Emperor Palpatine's/Throne Room theme during when Jin is identifying them. Gorgeous. Sent chills down my spine AND (spoilerrrrrr) made his switching of sides all the more unexpected.

It's so tempting to list all my favourite lines and references, but I'll restrain myself. If you're reading this review and you haven't watched it yet (chrono-hop featurette included) - watch it.

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