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Yep, based on the original sources, this is a near flawless edit. (2 personal edit remarks mentioned below) I can't give a 9.9, so a 10 it is....

Deleted scenes added back in = amazing to flesh out the characters a bit more, love it. While the change video quality is obviously noticeable, the audio (which I think is more important in many respects) was perfect to my ears, well done.

Narrative-wise, yep - replaces the original. Absolutely. It's just plain better, enough said.

Spoiler alert? 2 minor PERSONAL quips: there is a slow fade used to transition from a Mal and Inara deleted scene to their ship in space - while the fade works artistically (I like it coming off their emotional exchange), it didn't look right for pacing and took me out of the moment. I understand that's probably the best you could do with the material, but I wonder if the reaction shot of Inara would have been better just cut. 2nd quip is the ending shot of Serenity being cut too quickly pacing-wise - took me out of the final moment sadly. Maybe it was on purpose as a metaphor: there wasn't enough, and it was over too quickly. ;)
These are both personal things, but wanting to also give constructive feedback - there it is. :)

Overall, well done on the trilogy, MusicEd - I was very pleased with the entire experience! Thank you!

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