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No power in the Verse can stop MusicEd now!

The second chapter in Ed's Serenity Chronicles is another WINNER!

It is by far the most challenging of the three part trilogy, as War Stories weaves together material from four different episodes. But Ed pulls it off wonderfully, tying the stories together with underlying series stories arcs and further connecting it with the River Tam sessions. It truly feels like a complete story rather than a bunch of episodes stitched together. Yes, it has a slightly episodic feel (or rather a three act arc with an epilogue), but that is not a bad thing -- ever seen the The Godfather? It is very episodic in structure. So Ed is in good company.

And the best thing, you do not need to be a Firefly fan or have any knowledge of the series to follow, understand or be entertained by this movie. I watched with my bride, who has never seen the show or even part one, and she was completely enthralled from beginning to end. So fantastic work on narrative!

And the trailer for Part Three has left me salivating! Bring it on!!!

Awesome edit. THUMBS UP!

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