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TV-to-Movie July 18, 2014 6189
(Updated: March 05, 2018)
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Firefly's nearly perfect introductory episode gets a nearly perfect re-edit.

Mostly a re-cap of the original two episodes (DVD order) s01e01-e02 introduction to our favorite Big Damn Heroes! The added meditation of Mal's lose of faith, through the deleted scenes, makes him much more well rounded. The beautiful use of scenes from Out of Gas create a more complete introduction to the family.

I only have minor nit-picks, around the reintroduction of the "Lay of the Land" scenes, I'm not sure that the placement is best, or that the two scenes could potentially use a little separation. I am not sure if it would flow better or not. Also I found the cortext PDA startup music to be jarring especially when it cuts out, perhaps it should start as Simon opens it and then fade, after the data stick is inserted. The hard cut just doesn't feel good.

Overall this is a great re-edit, the audio/video quality is related to the issues with the source of the deleted scenes, and I already mentioned the only audio issue I had. Thank you MusicEd921 for a great way to come home to my Firefly family.

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