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The Amazing Spider Man franchise was always something that I had a lot of hope for, it had everything in check to be great, but for whatever reason it ended up being such a huge mess (in my opinion). Beside that I enjoyed it, I think it was because of the actor that plays Peter, I enjoyed his performance and the relationship he had with Gwen a lot. Samspider3's edit is excellent in it's story and universe establishment, I believe that the fact that he used Harry Osborne as a "Lex Luthor" menace in the background was great, the setup of using just one bad guy was excellent, not always more is better, sometimes less is great, this is the case for it. The use of some footage to establish Peter's parents and the whole plot from both movies interconnected gave it closure and was really good, the only thing I didn't like was that he played down the romance of Peter and Gwen that for me was the thing I liked the most of this franchise, but beside that, everything is really good about this edit, I enjoyed it a lot, congratulations, great job.

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