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Being a life-long Spiderman fan, i really anticipated this fanedit - the first "Amazing" film was always deemed a better one, and taking bits and pieces from the second one to enhance the weaker points in the first half of this series was a genius idea.

Almost all of the first film's main problems are fixed in this edit:
-The Parents Storyline gets resolved in the first one.
-Uncle Ben's Killer, which went nowhere in the original cut - never adressed.
-The lack of a supporting cast beyond Gwen and Aunt May - Harry's in this one, and you can sorta count Flash with this being a one-film affair.
-Dr. Connors' villainy is better-built, and so is the third act - it makes so much more narrative sense.
-Dr. Ratha's antics are completely turned on their hands.

Just to make clear how this movie managed to turn things around, even The RHINO was better in this cut (i guess it's more watchable when it's not right after the tragic death of a love interest, which made it borderline comical in the original film).

I did kinda like the inclusion of Norman Osborn's voiceover in the film, even if it didn't make all that sense - it helped build him up as a spectre of sorts, seeing everything from above. It also shifted Ratha from just an asshole businessman to more of a reluctant servant, constantly harassed by his boss.

This movie wasn't free of qualms though - some of the audio transitions between scenes of different origins were harsh and noticeable, which is a minor problem but still kinda takes you out of the experience.

The Harry story was interweaved pretty well into the first one, especially the part in Oscorp Tower, but i feel like he could have contributed more to the plot. On the one hand, he did build up the Parents storyline better, but on the other hand it was kinda non-sequitor right when the Lizard plotline got into motion. He could've shown Peter Connors' recordings or something.

Also maybe the Harry and Peter hang out scene could have been better placed instead of the skateboard-riding scene, instead of just having them both - Peter even references something going on with Gwen (before they really talk seriously), and the skateboard scene in my opinion never really went anywhere.

All in all though, this film was a great ride, it both gave this series a (much needed) conclusion, and realized a lot of the untapped potential in this series by freeing the first one of it's flaws. I'd recommend it both for fans of the Amazing series, and for people who were sorely disappointed by it (like me).

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