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FanMix April 14, 2015 4954
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So in this edit, samspider3 takes 'The Amazing Spiderman' and adds subplots to it with scenes from 'The Amazing Spiderman 2' and well... it acually makes the movie a LOT better! The goal of making one spiderman film which doesn't need any sequels and holds it's own is fulfilled and it is done well. This edit also adds little things like flashbacks and the daily bugle news which I actually really like. Harry plays a good role in the movie by giving Peter more information about his father's work. Deleted scenes and scenes from other movies were seamlessly inserted into the film other than the fact that:

(IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE ANNOYED BY CERTAIN PARTS OF THE EDIT THEN DO NOT READ THE FOLLOWING: Peter's haircut slightly changes throughout the movie depending on what scene he is in :P)

Audio/Video Quality:
I got the edit in a decent quality, the resolution isn't very high but this did not distract me or bother me in any way. The movie's resolution is constantly the same and the audio sounded fine to me (I didn't notice anything bad)

Visual Editing:
The movie does not have any visual continuity errors that the editor could have helped or fixed, it was good.

Audio Editing:
The audio editing was actually really good, little things like a better spider web sound effect and a consistent ringtone throughout the movie are inserted seamlessly.

The story is very much improved and I like the pace of it, the movie seems a lot slower and I like it, this is supposed to be the origin story of Spiderman and the story of him developing as a person and this edit makes that very clear and executes it very well. Also, the little surprises at the end are neat, I really like the VERY end of the film after the credits, it was a nice little addition. Also I want to add that the new version of Ben's death is much better.

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Owner's reply April 25, 2015

I knew someone would notice the hair hahaha. I actually know about this issue, but what can i say, we can't do too much about that. I was actually more concerned on how to include ASM2 scenes in a coherent way, especially the scene where Peter visits Harry at OSCORP because i had no idea how would i include it without not making so notorious it's an scene from the second film.

One of my biggest goals when i was making this Fan Edit was to include all the important scenes from ASM2 without making the movie necessarily long. I didn't want a Spidey film have a 3 hours length. And this means that I also didn't want to compromise the pace because the first film was perfect in that sense, something the second one, in my opinion failed. So, I tried to include the scenes in a way the movie does not become completely slow, boring and uninteresting at times as the second one.

Thanks for your review and taking your time to review it :D

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