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Revenant: The Spence Edit, The
May 22, 2016    
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This is a fantastic edit. Spence does more than just reduce the run-time here. My biggest gripe with the film was the mystical on-the-nose stuff. I was excited to see that most of it had been removed and repurposed to the one place where it fits (the spiritual dream as he healed). It works so much better. But beyond that, taking away those sidebars allows the viewer to remain with Glass which makes the film a much better experience. I enjoyed the theatrical version quite a lot but felt a bit disjointed when I was busy rolling my eyes every twenty minutes at a flashback. Also gone is the chief searching for his daughter. It is hard to say definitively but I believe if I had never seen the film the edit would have no trouble selling the idea of who she is. Really, the visuals say it all. So again, the focus makes this experience better.

Then there's the ending. It was very well done. I re-watched the theatrical ending after to figure out why it felt better, more visceral and tighter. The edit flowed coherently and I didn't notice what was changed. Great job with the ending. A lot of oners were broken up. I wish more could have but upon a revisit to the theatrical again as much was done as probably could be, and a lot was broken up. I didn't notice everything because it just feels better and doesn't draw attention to the camera, which plays well here.

The video quality was very good for the filesize but since it was quite small it wasn't as sharp as my blu-ray. Spence previously said he had a higher quality version available so I'd love to check it out and update this.

Cheers, Spence. Great job with this one.

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