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first off, i am a huge "Halloween" film buff, no matter which part of the franchise, including Rob Zombie's versions. I enjoyed this FanEdit through & through. I did not notice any splicing, or audio glitches as in pitch, volume, etc. it was just a great FanEdit all around in my book.

The Video i give a 10/10 because it was just light enough for a dark movie that it gave the right feel for the movie. As in most horror movies, when dark scenes come in the viewer has a hard time seeing whats going on, or i do for that matter.

The Audio i gave a 10/10 for a great score and it is a huge success to where the editor put the score, it seemed to fit the film much better than the original Rob Zombie "Halloween 1 & 2".

As far as the FanEdit goes, i am giving it a 9/10, not saying it bad, but was near perfect for me. it seemed the edit jumped to point, but at the same time you got the plot along with the most intimate points of the film/s. Stefanedit is a great editor and i hope he continues his great & hard work. I am hoping to see him do something with the older original John Carpenter's "Halloween '78" & Rick Rosenthal's "Halloween 2 '81". i think a nostalgic edit of the older "Halloween" films done by this great editor could be some great stuff for us!!!!

To the editor, thanks for the links you provided, and most of all the hard work & time you put into your FanEdits! Another thing i forgot to mention, that After Effect work with the screen during the symposium is absolutely perfect in my book. i remember trying to practice that with my Mac to see if i could help, but i had no luck, so much props on that, looks great!! Everyone that is a fan of Halloween, you gotta see this!! it is a great FanEdit!!! hope to see more from you StefanEdit!!!

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