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TV-to-Movie March 20, 2016 7177
(Updated: January 24, 2017)
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Well I've not watched any of the AHS, so I was ready to pass up on this edit, but my wife is a huge AHS fan and so we both checked this one out.

Looking from it from my POV, it was really well put together and the narrative so great to follow, my wife so also happy with the overall result of this edit, plus she also commented on the bits that were cut away wasn't missed.

Video Quality was a flawless HD, the Audio Quality was great, but got louder along the way and needed to turn the TV down towards the end.
Visual Editing was a funny one for me, I almost gave it a 6 because there was many fast cuts which I thought was the editor, but then my wife said that the editing is also in the show, which was find.
The Audio Editing was again very well put in, as I've not seen the series my wife was commenting on some sounds and music that was not in the series, but played out very well in this edit.

From the thoughts from both a non-AHS fan and a huge-AHS fan, this edit great for both sides.

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