Muppet Christmas Carol: The Scribbling Cut, The

Muppet Christmas Carol: The Scribbling Cut, The
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This is a very light edit of one of my favourite Christmas films. I’m a big Muppets fan and I tend to watch this nearly every year (as well as reading the Dickens novella). However, watching it on a yearly basis, the same things always bothered me: The odd cliché line, overly kiddish element, and more than anything, "The Penguin's Christmas Skating Party"; a corny scene that dragged and generally felt like it was only there for the sake of placing penguins in a Christmas movie.

Outtakes were also added to the end credits (just for fun).
To improve some of the comic timing and reduce cliche elements, but generally keep the bulk of the movie intact.
Other Sources:
Outtakes featurette, from the 20th Anniversary Special Edition DVD.
Special Thanks:
- to Sinbad, ThrownGPR and Captain Kahijt for technical assistance
- to my sister, for doing a quick poster design, despite her busy schedule
- to good beer and King Kong (1933), for providing much needed brain relief
Release Information:
Editing Details:
- Trimmed Gonzo and Rizzo antics
- Improved comic timing (IMO)
- Reduced cringeworthy/cliche elements
- Added outtakes to credits (just for fun)
Cuts and Additions:
- Added templates
- Added Scribbling Man branding
- Added new title
- Cut Gonzo and Rizzo commenting during Scrooge and nephew convo
- Heavily trimmed “The Penguins Christmas Skating Party”
- Cut “there are only two things I hate in life…”
- Cut “you are such an idiot” – “What?” etc.
- Trimmed Gonzo catching Rizzo
- Cut “Hello world, goodbye lunch”
- Cut “Spirit” “Yes?” “Nothing”
- Cut post-dragged-through-the-woods chicken introduction
- Cut “Nice Kitty”
- Cut Gonzo’s “What?” after “You have all the fun”
- Removed cheesy song from credits and replaced with a gag reel (taken from 50th Anniversery Edition special features)
- Re-synced outtakes (for whatever reason, the source featurette is slightly out of sync)

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When I first heard about this edit on the forums, I confessed to the editor (The Scribbling Man) that I was a little apprehensive about someone doing an edit of this movie, as I thought it was pretty much perfect as it was. Scribbling Man agreed with me, though, and sure enough, this is a light edit with seamless cuts that make it very enjoyable.

I knew I was in for a good time when I saw "The Scribbling Cut" added to the bottom of the title like it had always been there. I've tried to add titles to movies myself, and I know how difficult it can be, so the level of professionalism just on that impressed me right away!

I didn't find myself missing any material that had been cut, and the cuts were so smooth that I wouldn't have noticed anything was cut if I didn't remember a few things. And I'm sure there's stuff that I didn't even catch because it was so seamless!

The only thing I miss is the song "When Love is Gone," which is not a cut that Scribbling Man made, it's a cut that Brian Henson made in the theatrical version of the movie. He restored it for VHS, but unfortunately cut it again for the DVD. I never got to see the movie until it was on home video, so to me, it's always had that song. Plus, it's arguably my favorite song in the whole film. I think the scene runs choppy without it, and the two reprises -- one with the whole cast in the finale, the other playing over the end credits -- make no sense without the context of the earlier scene.

So I'm not really dinging Scribbling Man, I'm dinging Brian Henson. Scribbling Man says he may do another edition next year with "When Love is Gone" included, so I'm giving myself just that little bit of wiggle room to bump up my review next year if he adds it!

Incidentally, since I'm so used to seeing the movie with the song, I braced myself for the end credits with the song -- and instead found that Scribbling Man had added a bunch of outtakes over that part! What a brilliant way to cover up the song and make things more consistent! So big kudos to him for making that work.

If you want to see a great slightly alternate version of an already terrific movie, then this is a good choice for you. And here's hoping we get some more Muppet movie fan edits in the future!

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Owner's reply January 23, 2018

Thank you for taking the time to review. Much appreciated :)

I hope to meet your expectations next year! And I'm sure there'll be more muppet edits to come...

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