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Every ones in a while there is a new fanedit for the Matrix sequels and I have almost every time thought that the work put in trying to fix these movies have seemed waisted since I didn't believe the source material could be fixed. It was beyond saving. Doctor M did some interesting things with his HACKED edits but it wasn't enough. Anyone heard of the expression "you can't polish a turd"? Okay I shut up now.....

Wow! just....Wow! This is the one. The cover art brags that this is "The Ultimate Matrix Fan-Edit" and it's not far from the truth.

If you are a matrix fan and was/is disappointed with the sequels YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS FANEDIT!

The pacing is perfect! The final scene is perfect. And the final fight with agent Smith when Neo are going after Trinity I was pumped. So good! But as some other reviewer have said, one thing doesn't makes sense. After the key-maker have died and Neo goes through the door and then it is the final fight between Neo and Smith.

It feels like a workprint sometimes (that are on the right track of perfection) like some footage are missing, some scene feels a little rough. I'm guessing that it was a pain in the butt to make some of these new sequences happen, footage not existing that was needed, so this is something I guess we have to live with.

I think that this should just have been a edit of the sequels since the first movie is perfect. That is my one big complaint.

Also I don't now about the new score in some scenes, but that might be because I'm so used to the original score. It will probably grow on me.

But all that aside (nitpicking because it isn't 100%) the negative doesn't stop this from being very very good. I never thought that the sequels could be edited into something this good honestly. Thank you Wraith.

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