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Overview - Intending to overhaul the Matrix trilogy, Wraith follows the road less traveled and merges the three films into one. Reloaded and Revolutions was where the original series went off the rails, then off the cliff. This edit does much to fix the disappointing stupidity and redirect the narrative into a more coherent structure.

Video - Solid work here. Couple of early sections where the blacks were not as solid as I would have liked. Altering the sequences was cleverly done, just as were the mixing in of deleted scenes. One transition held black too long, but that was in the original.

Audio - Robust 2 channel audio mix. I cranked up quiet dialogue, only to jump for the volume knob during explosions. Viewers who watch in a room with non-viewers, consider yourself warned. The editing was flawless, though. Crisp, free from noticeable miscues.

Narrative - I was on autopilot during the first part of the film. Where this edit soars is after entering the Reloaded world. Inventive and creative editorial choices were made and flawlessly executed. Cannot tell you how many times I was pleasantly surprised when the plot veered into an unexpected direction.

Enjoyment - Let me get this gripe off my chest: One chapter? Really? I like chapter breaks, especially in a three hour movie. Come on, please.

The less Zion I see in Matrix world, the better the edit. This was brilliant. No sweaty Zionistas here. Now, I wasn't really sure what the diggers were doing. I don't want to spoil the plot jumps, but the keymaker finale woke me up. The film ending, however, meandered.

Wraith cut a lot - I never missed a scene. Matrix fans, even jaded ones (count me in), be sure you check this one out.

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Owner's reply August 10, 2014

Thank you SO much...I appreciate all feedback and am grateful for your interest.
The Blu Ray Version has a full 5:1 surround mix at 448kps...and lots of chapters with menus, extras , previews of 2 edits to come and more. The down mix here was to 2 channels admittedly...apols there was one chapter...I thought that chapter might map across, I will learn how for the next.
Appreciate your time.
Many thanks

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