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I'm learning that some fanedits require something similar to "suspension of disbelief" to really work and to allow the viewer to go along for the ride. This take on the whole Matrix trilogy requires a little of this. The movie starts off great, goes through the first film, with some new tweaks (loved seeing a little bit of Zion when Tank was telling Neo about it; that, to me, was a perfect use of the footage), but when the 2nd Matrix movie starts, it is abrupt. This is where, if you just accept the speed bumps and go along, you are rewarded, because the Matrix does feel more complete now. I generally thought Reloaded and Revolutions worked fine in this edit. It's just that one very tough edit between Matrix 1 and Matrixes 2/3.
Plotwise, things flow well and mostly make sense. I think I understood Smith as a self replicating virus/program better in this edit than I did in the originals. I wish it weren't 3 hours long. To me, personally, that's a little long. Other than trimming some fight scenes, I'm not sure how I would suggest tightening it though.
Overall, I enjoyed this and def recommend it.

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Owner's reply July 24, 2014

Thx for the review.
In earlier versions of the edit the King Fu training was removed as was the Smith Subway fight. That would remove about 8 min.
The Matrix can't loose much more, though removal of the Burl Brawl would remove a further 4 min...It then starts to get VERY tough if the story is to hang together.
One way is to remove Morpheus' abduction completely. I tried this but the issue was then Neo does not have a credible opportunity to discover his powers. Trimming the action from Reloaded (removing 5 more minutes) and then shortening the discussion in the yard with The oracle would collectively take this to about 2hr 40. That version exists and has a competely different opening and ending. It previewed with some friends a year ago who had not seen The Matrixm Trilogy and they found it confusing, rushed and lacking genuine character motivation.
The abrupt change I tried to smooth with the phone call from Morpheus, but you are right it is a tad sharp. I explored using some Zion footage but the other crew intros and characters that needed to be brought in made it feel even more abrupt (oddly). It also brought the pace to a grinding halt. Suggestions welcome and if anyone wants to edit my edit, I welcom that. No need to reach out to me. knock yourselves out.
Thank you for your interest and time in posting your review.

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