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FanMix June 28, 2014 1814
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I'm a huge fan of Paul Thomas Anderson, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Joaquin Phoenix so I was very excited (perhaps too excited) to see this film when it was released. The film really let me down and I easily consider it to be Paul Thomas Anderson's worst. I found it boring and unfocused.

DominicCobb's edit is not an attempt to improve the film, but rather present an alternative take on the material. Edits that take this stance as a starting point at generally make for a very interesting and enjoyable experience and I can say that DominicCobb has been very successful in this regard. And, although he may disagree with me on this, I feel the edit is superior to the original and makes for a better film. The end result still not up to par with Anderson's earlier work, but this is no fault of the editor.

A/V quality and editing is great. The deleted scenes are woven in very well and the slight dip in quality is barely noticeable.

The narrative is still largely unfocused, but it is certainly better than the original.

Overall, DominicCobb has done a great job with the this and I'm sure any fans of the original will absolutely love this edit. For me it was a slight improvement on a film that I consider to be big disappointment. I can't say I really enjoyed it, but this was certainly no fault of the editor. DominicCobb has the right mindset to make some really interesting edits and I'm looking forward to what he'll do next.

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