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I'm not one for this type of film, however, i was curious due to the fact CuddlyNinja has incorporated one of the best soundtracks of the modern age into his edit of Insidious. I had never seen Insidious previously - so watched it with fresh eyes. However, i did refer to the original after as reference for this review.

For me: the editing is great and as Neglify mentioned, in his review, the audio levels do go up and down and feel unbalanced. The Disasterpeace soundtrack sometimes worked but at other times felt really pushed. The soundtrack worked best during the new house scene with the boy dancing in the living room. It did not work during the scene between Josh and his Mum, when she showed him the old photographs and told him he was a traveller too. The soundtrack in this scene felt really forced. The scene worked better in the original.

The Narrative lacked a bit of feel and i must admit i did not care much for the family. The Dad - Josh felt cold and uncaring and i felt too much was cut. Adding some of the early scenes from the theatrical version back into the edit would have worked better, after all their kid is in a coma. The film probably would have come in around the 1hr 20min mark - so not overlong.

Overall the edit is very good, however, it did not work for me. Maybe i am just too familiar with the "It Follows" soundtrack ( I have a lovely split coloured first pressing vinyl :) ). My familiarity of the score is no fault of Cuddly Ninja of course.

If these sort of films are your cup of tea then i highly recommend you watch "The Man With Fire on His Face" - I will be sticking with my Bluray of "It Follows" for my Disasterpeace fix.

Well done CuddlyNinja.

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Owner's reply July 28, 2015

Thank you for watching and reviewing, Last Impressions! I am glad you love that soundtrack as much as I do. That vinyl must sound amazing. I appreciate your comments on the narrative. Personally, I think the dad comes off worse in the theatrical cut with him avoiding the house and pretending to have to stay late at school. The mother would have been more fleshed out with more earlier scenes but I wanted to get to the titular character and the Further faster so it is a trade-off. I really appreciate your watching a movie you otherwise wouldn't and providing constructive feedback.

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