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Ok so here's my thoughts on samspider3's take on isolating Frodo and Sam's journey into Mordor.

It works very well as an isolated story. Never did I find myself noticing that it was an edited version of the two movies and I think that goes to show the creator has done a fine job there. There was one instant where it seemed like the hobbits advanced a bit in their journey but I don't think that can be helped in any way as their story doesn't get broken up at all with Aragorn and co.

One thing that got to me though was the film starting with Gollums flashback and finding of the ring. I love the idea of seeing the journey through the eyes of Sam and Frodo so to me this feels like Gollums back story should be left to the imagination. If however, it was to be kept it, I could see it working well as a flash back when Frodo says to Gollum, "you were not so very different from a hobbit once". I think some clever editing could insert that flashback into the sequence and then maybe the nazgul screech could bring us back to present. I think that would be awesome in my opinion.

I also found Galadriel's voice over off putting when the hobbits were captured. Again, I feel like we should have no outside information other than what is told directly to Sam and Frodo. The only relevance I can see is that they are seen bound and being led as prisoners. Maybe these scenes could just be edited out with some music over the top.

Just my thoughts and opinions anyway. Other than that it was very well done and I enjoyed it.

Thanks to the editor :)

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