Little Hobbit, The

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Little Hobbit, The
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There and back again in three hours
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This edit is a little under three hours. The edit is missing all of the superfluous material from the trilogy. The edit also works as a true standalone movie and prequel that does not cash in on any Lord of the Rings references that a first time viewer — given he is watching these movies in chronological order — would not know about.
This means no old Bilbo, no Sauron, no Legolas, a less menacing Ring, and no Frodo.
Needless to say there is also no love triangle.
I tasked myself to edit the trilogy into less than three hours while still ensuring a watchable movie.
I basically thought to myself what a standalone cinematic release of a single Hobbit movie would have looked like.
Additional Notes:
My version is called The Little Hobbit, based on its runtime but also because the book was originally published as Der Kleine Hobbit in Germany, and though the title was changed to Der Hobbit quite a while ago, the original title is still very common.
Special Thanks:
Special Thanks to ssj for his continuous support, feedback, and curation.

For their general interest, kind words and suggestions in the project thread I'd also like to thank bumkin, Brumous, hasmak, musiced921, TM2YC, Neglify, revel911, addiesin, BandobrasTuk, douchebag, DigModiFicaTion and darth-gary.
Most of all, thanks a lot to my girlfriend Steffi and my good friends Lores and Geoffrey for their valuable feedback on my earliest rough cuts.
Release Information
Cuts and Additions:
Among hundreds of small changes these are the most explicit ones:
- No prologue/old Bilbo
- Reworked opening monologue
- All flashbacks removed throughout the movies
- Shortened dwarf arrival
- No/as little as possible dwarf silliness and slapstick throughout the entire movie
- No dinner song
- No "I'm going on an adventure!"
- No orcs until BoTFA
- Troll scene trimmed/fight removed
- Radagast removed
- Rivendell trimmed
- Added extended scene of Elrond and Bilbo
- No council, Galadriel, Saruman
- No stone giants
- Goblin song removed, slapstick fight removed
- Gollum scene intact
- no orcs, wargs, eagles
- No Beorn
- Mirkwood trimmed; spiders severely trimmed; elven capture scene reduced to minimal
- No Tauriel, no Legolas, no love triangle
- No Gandalf side quest
- Barrel chase removed
- Laketown reduced to less than five minutes; no politics, no master, no Alfrid
- Dwarves find the hidden keyhole right away
- No orcs in Laketown
- Slapstick dragon fight and gold melting removed
- Bard doesn't use his son to fire the black arrow
- Laketown survivors plot reduced to minimal
- No Dol Guldur
- No Bard/Thorin negotiation
- Battle trimmed
- No auction or old Bilbo

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This is a wonderful fanedit, proving that fitting all 3 Hobbit movies into one is not only doable, but improves the tale immensely. Even though this is not a 'Tolkien Cut', it nevertheless feels much more faithful to the spirit of the book than Jackson's bloated epics. I can't list the number of things which were cut that I ended up not missing in this edit. However I did keep a list of things I thought could be improved, mostly nitpicks but some more substantive suggestions:

Fading to black between shots at the beginning is a bit off-putting. Perhaps crossfades would work better.

Bilbo isn't properly annoyed at Gandalf when he sees him at the party.

Bilbo teleports at the discussion of Smaug at the party.

There's still a bit too much discussion of strategy at the dinner table.

Would have been nice to see 'I'm going on an adventure!'

Bilbo is oddly brave when deciding to free the ponies.

The Dwarves are very suddenly captured by the Trolls.

There's an odd transition from the Troll hideout to the crevice leading to Rivendell.

A mention of the Dragon Sickness would be good in Rivendell.

The transition from the march to the Misty Mountains to the interior of the cave is strange, since everyone is out of breath and dripping wet despite not seeing the rain. Keeping a bit of the rainy scene beforehand would have helped with Bilbo's decision to turn back to Rivendell.

Bilbo's scene with Gollum is wonderful but a few riddles could have been cut for time. The scene goes on for 15 minutes straight, so I'd suggest cutting up to 5 minutes from this.

Beorn is necessary in my opinion since he's the only way they get the ponies to get to Mirkwood.

Thranduil has little introduction. A few more shots before the Dwarves are imprisoned would help, or if Thorin's meeting comes before they are locked up.

A bit more of the barrel ride would be pleasant. Good choice in removing the battle though.

I didn't miss Laketown at all. It's a it sudden to see them walking to the mountain so quickly, but another establishing shot is all that would be needed here.

A bit of color correction and brightening of the shots of Thorin opening the mountain door would help mask the scene transition.

Focusing on the Arkenstone after the destruction of Laketown is a good choice. However, Beorn's absence is felt in the acorn scene.

There remains some confusion about why the orcs are attacking at this moment. Granted it's not well established in either the book or the original films, but it would be nice for this point to be more clear. It almost feels as if Gandalf's explanation confuses what could be a simple matter of revenge on the part of Azog.

Thorin must discover Bilbo's treachery.

It feels against character for Bilbo to put on the ring and head into danger without good reason. After all, he's no warrior.

The battle with Azog is rather superfluous, since we don't have enough knowledge of the two parties to care. It would be far more effective to have the fight be from Bilbo's perspective, where he sees only the aftermath. This cuts a good 5 minutes from the end.

2.5 hours is a good length for this movie. With the 10 minutes of additional cuts and the addition of some small moments and the Beorn scene this edit would be just about perfect.

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Many Hobbit fanedits have emerged from Director Peter Jackson’s fertile raw material, but if you’re looking for the shortest 3-in-1 version, look no further. . . or higher. Clocking in at two hours, fifty-two minutes, this version provides a breezy hobbit fix that nevertheless doesn’t feel rushed.

Whereas the single-movie fanedits of An Unexpected Journey and The Desolation of Smaug removed enough filler to keep the stories functional as stand-alone movies, 3-in-1 edits can be more ambitious in their condensations.

Mammam, by aggressively removing certain scenes wholesale, has brilliantly solved problems that earlier edits tackled with varying degrees of success. To my delight, the love triangle and almost the entirety of Laketown have been expunged. Some edits have pulled off fantastic color grading to hide Smaug’s improbable gold coating, but Mammam deals with it by dispensing with it.

Or take the barrel ride, which was trimmed mercilessly to keep the edit focused on character moments and less on action. All the problems associated with the sequence have been swept away, so to speak, by not giving it much air in the first place.

No longer does Bilbo have to point out a dwarven staircase to the dwarves who would know best of its presence, nor do the dwarves sulk away from their quest after minor door-opening difficulties and expository chatter.

This is just my personal preference, but I was hoping the warg battle and Beorn’s hospitality would have been retained, but I understand the editor’s intent was to keep the story moving, and that keeping these elements would have necessitated keeping other interstitial bits and padding.

The video looked crisp, and I didn’t notice any audio issues.

Although this is a lean, perhaps the leanest, version of The Hobbit franchise, think of it not as a hurried experience, but one that has shed the excesses of the original, excesses that slowed down the narrative. This wonderfully condensed version of The Hobbit is one that could have been released by a more focused studio and a more focused Peter Jackson.

I had the pleasure of reviewing this edit for approval and now look forward to Mammam’s future edits. And once I’m finished reading The Hobbit with my kid (we’re about halfway through), I plan to introduce her to the Jacksonian telling by showing her this edit.

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(Updated: December 17, 2016)
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I'm sincere, I do not think the Hobbit movies are bad movies, they are quite repetitive and they have very mediocre scenes, but in general they are decent movies (although they are not at the LOTR level).

What I call the attention of this edition was its duration: 3 movies in 170 minutes ?, Surprisingly I think not much has been lost, many transitions are quite intelligent, the movie has a constant rhythm and at the same time the scenes take their time . Not only that but he has removed almost all of the subplot of Laketown, Tauriel, Alfrid, Radagast, most of the Orcs and even the Bard Daughters. Being honest he feels quite close to what could have been The Hobbit adapted to film (being a faithful adaptation) . Most of the movie is only the best scenes of the movies, so you do not have to wait until the boring policy of Laketown ends or a long battle with the goblins. I think that the rhythm of the movie is exactly the one that should have been given to The Hobbit Movie (as a single movie, of course)

I also love being cut off almost all of Laketown stuff, one of my biggest problems with Smaug's desolation is that we spend too much time in Laketown and Laketown is fucking boring, I'm not interested in anything that happens there, even in scenes where At last we see Smaug, they continue to emphasize Laketown, that I love this edition does not even feel that something is missing, I do not think Laketown takes more than 5 minutes, I'm surprised that even if it parallels the book, it really tries to be a Adaptation and not a purist version.

Unfortunately, not everything is perfect, personally I think that although most of the transactions worked, there were some that did not work for me.

-We had two dwarves at first to have the house full of dwarves and Gandalf in the house and Bilbo not say nothing, I think we should keep the discussion between Gandalf and Bilbo that his house is full of dwarfs.

-I did not like the removal of the prologue, it gives a clearer context about the trip, but it is my opinion.

-Kili goes to look for Bilbo and out of nowhere they caught everyone

-The dwarves fall covered with cobwebs and out of nowhere are they standing and clean

-Something strange felt the way I started the part of the Battle of the five armies (the movie), I think I should start directly with the dwarves looking for gold and then Thorin complaining that he does not appear.

- When the statue falls, Bilbo says they are crazy and should avoid war, when there has been no mention of it, if you are going to cut the scene where Bard and Thorin speak, you should eliminate all references.

-This is not a mistake, but I think we should not eliminate Bilbo by revealing to Thorin that he gave the Arkestone, so the final scene when they speak has more emotional, but it's a personal idea, nothing more.

-I'm also no fan of the way you edit the battle of the Five Army, I think it would have been better if the battle started when Thorin leaves the Mountain and then used the scene of the battle chariot and then Thorin confronts Azog, I would only have liked to see more of the dwarves in the battle, since we had little of them and more of characters that ara unknown for the audience, also the sandworms felt left over, but again it's just as I would have done.It's your edition, you're free to do it however you like

But apart from that, it's a good edition, it lasts what should last, and is the closest edition to what would happen if it were made a movie of the solitary Hobbit. Although I personally like the original films , this is a good alternative way to see it,


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